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Can your API tell me if a #1 rank is Organic vs Featured Snippet?

Yes, depending upon the specific type of API you are using.

How to Identify Featured Snippet Rank in Search Intelligence APIs

Question: With your Rank Top 50Rank Top 100 or Search Query API, how can I distinguish between a keyword that organically ranked in position 1 vs. one that ranked in position 1 because it was in a featured snippet?
  • In the search_results for each rank position, our Rank Top 50, Rank Top 100 and Search Query APIs provide rank, url, extra and title.  SERP indicators are recorded as extra data, extra: Featured Snippet is the indicator you will see when a keyword ranks in position 1 inside of a Featured Snippet.
  • For APIs that have Google SERP Features included, Featured Snippets are identified in the google_serp_features > answer boxes > answer_boxab_type: Featured Snippet. Included in that result is the title, url and image_url when they exist in the Featured Snippet.

This illustration provides an example of our Rank Top 50 API results, demonstrating how results from the SERP are presented (Rank Top 100 and Search Query APIs deliver that data in the same way).

Featured Snippet in API results

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