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ContentKing Overview

ContentKing is an external third-party Site Auditing tool that is integrated into Rank Ranger for the Enterprise clients using the tool to have direct reporting on their Rank Ranger account. The Overview report is a partial ContentKing Dashboard report with no historical data. The displayed Overview report is the most recent third-party Site Audit report available.

ContentKing reports are located in Reports & Tools > Digital Marketing > Project Management.

Important! To view this report, you must authorize a connection to a ContentKing account. See the instructions on how to authorize connection in the link under the Related section of this documentation.

WhatConverts report

ContentKing Overview Report


The overview displays the data from the latest crawl of the connected ContentKing account including Health, Pages, Issues, Type chart, and Indexable chart.

Call Tracking Metrics overview report

  • Health: Score metric that determines how well the site is optimized for SEO
  • Pages: Number of pages crawled by the third-party site audit
  • Issues: Number of Issues detected
  • Type: The list of Issued with a number associated with the list
  • Indexable: Number of Indexable and non-indexable pages

Report Options

Report Title

General Options

  • Enter a custom report title, if desired.
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