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Social Analytics Report Missing Data

Social networks expire the tokens (authorized connections) to external applications:
  • If someone has changed the social media account password after authorizing the integration with Rank Ranger
  • If for security reasons, they require that an authorized account user reconnect occasionally
  • If a social network account user revokes access (even if it is done accidentally)
Because it's important for your white label social analytics reports to contain data, our system proactively validates authorized connections daily. When an expired token is discovered, the system sends a message to the account owner with a link to our Authorized Connections screen and instructions to click the Renew button to reauthorize the connection(s).


Reauthorize Connection

Quickly Renew an Integration

To quickly re-authorized a connection and resume integration of data:
  • Log into the social network account
  • In another tab or window access the Account Settings > Authorized Connections screen
  • Locate the red indicator of an expired token and click the Renew button, and follow any instructions that pop up.

    Note that Instagram is connected via Facebook.

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