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Websites & Tracked Competitors Settings

After completing the General Settings, Search Engines, and Keywords screens, you may add additional URLs in the Websites screens to be tracked in comparison to the primary domain.  Website addresses added via this screen will display in the Competitive View of rank tracking reports and can also be manually selected in Report Options for alternate display in graphs and reports.

Campaign Website Settings


Add Competitor Websites Quick Start Video

This video is intended to be a quick start guide, please refer to the description of the settings, and step-by-step instructions on this page for complete details regarding rank tracking campaign optimization.

Add Websites / Add Competitors

To track a site simply add the site in the Website Address field. You can track domains, sub-domains, or Exact URLs including competitors' depending upon the Ranking System Count selected in the Campaign General Settings screen.  For example:
  • If the Ranking System Count is SERP (count as is) or SERP (explicit domain count) with Primary URL as or, then the URL entered in this screen must be only in that format.
  • If the Ranking System Count is the Exact URL, and the Primary URL is or (or a long YouTube or product string) then the URL entered in this screen should be in the same format.

Campaign Website Settings Adding A Website

URL Tags

Add a Label to a Website with URL Tags

URL Tags are helpful when tracking exact URLs that don't include a description of the page content, e.g.,  YouTube video URLs.

To add a URL Tag, click the Tags + button, enter the tag text in the box below the URL and click Add.

Campaign Website Settings add a Website Tag

Add Local Finder Tracking to Competitors

Google Business Listing

The Business Name Option in the Search Engine Campaign settings is available only for the primary tracked domain. In order for the Google Local Finder Search Engine to track competitors' sites by Google Business listing name in the Google Local Finder, the Business name needs to be specified for those competitors that are to be tracked. For the competitor that has multiple Google Business Listings with Business Names or locations, enter (contains), such as (Book Depository).  

Note: The configuration for the primary domain will be ignored in case the Business Name is configured in the Google Local Finder Search Engine.

The Business Name configurations for the primary as well as competitors domain is reflected in all related Rank and Competitors reports with the Google Local Finder Search Engine.

Campaign Website Settings add a Website Tag

Brand Impact

Brand Impact for Reputation Management Campaigns

Brand Impact enables you to set up color-highlighted brand types for Reputation Management campaigns.

Select Positive, Neutral, or Negative for each individual URL.

Campaign Website Settings Add Brand Impact

Rank Tracker Dashboard with Brand Impact & URL Tags

Brand Impact provides an enhanced visual aid in the Rank Tracker Dashboard report.  Refer to Reputation Management Setup for report options that need to be enabled in order to view Brand Impact.

Reputation Management Rank Tracker Dashboard with Brand Impact

Delete Websites


All delete functions within Campaign Settings (i.e., keywords, search engines, competitor URLs, etc.) are permanent. Please understand that if you (or any authorized account user) click the trash can icon (which is the Delete function in this screen), then a warning message displays on the screen and that requires a second click (Yes) to accept deletion. Once that Delete button is clicked it is not possible for us to recover the data. We recommend that Campaign Rank Backup be run and file downloaded prior to any deletion within a campaign's settings.

Delete competitor websites

Additional Campaign Settings & Customization

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