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Campaign Settings: Search Engines

After completing the campaign General Settings screen, select the Search Engines you want RangerBot to track for the primary domain. 

You can further customize how RangerBot collects data for your campaign with Advanced Settings that allow you to track specific locations, include/exclude Local Results and News Results, as well as a range of other options. 

Please note that if you make Campaign Settings changes after the campaign has been created for the first time, then the change will be reflected in the next day's rank tracking results.

Campaign Search Engine Settings


Search Engines Quick Start Videos

This video is intended to be a quick start guide, please refer to the settings descriptions, and step-by-step instructions on this page for complete details regarding rank tracking campaign optimization.

Add Search Engines

Advanced Search Engine Settings

Select Search Engine(s)

Select the Country you want RangerBot to provide tracking results for. 

Campaign Search Engine Setting Country

Select a Search Engine and click the Add button.

For multiple local search engines, refer to the Google Local Search Engines section below.

Campaign Search Engine settings Search Egnines

To track:
  • YouTube video rank, please select the YouTube search engine.
  • App rank in the iTunes store, please select the iTunes search engine.
  • App rank in Google Play Store, please select the Google Play search engine.

View the full list of Search Engines available per country.

Google Local Search Engines


Google Local Search

The system allows for 1 Google Desktop, 1 Google Maps and 1 Google Mobile instance per campaign (up to the subscription number of search engines limit), and they can be customized for specific location.  However, because there are business cases where it would be beneficial to track multiple instances of the same search engine in 1 campaign we provide this option.

This feature is currently available only for the Google USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Serbia, and United Kingdom search engines, contact us if you have a request for a different country.

To track multiple instances of the same USA Google Local search engine (e.g., Desktop, Mobile or Maps) in one campaign.
  • Select "United States (Local)" in the Country list.
  • Select the search engine you want to add, e.g., Google Loc 1*, and repeat for the next instance of the same search engine by selecting Loc 2 and Loc 3, customizing each for the desired locations (Advanced Settings > Custom Location Settings).  
  • Repeat for each Country & Search Engine combination that you would like to add, up to the limit per campaign for the package the campaign is associated with.

Google local search USA

Naming Local Search Engines

When selecting a Google Local search engine, you have the option to customize the location and the label that displays in reports for that search engine.  Click the Advanced Settings button,  note that the search engine name in this example is displaying next to the flag as Google Loc 1.  In the Custom Search Engine Name field, you can enter the name that you want displayed for that search engine in reports.

Google Local search engine

In this example we have entered "Google USA 90210" to identify the location of the Google Loc 1 search engine, and after clicking the Save button, the new label displays next to the Google logo and country flag.

name local search engine

Custom Search Engines Report

In this example there are 3 Google USA Local search engines - for Orlando, Tallahassee, and Tampa, Florida - displayed side-by-side in a Rank Summary Search Engines report in Competitive View.

custom search engine names in search engine report

Advanced Search Settings

You can customize Google search engine tracking with Advanced Settings.

Search Engine Advanced Settings

Custom Location Settings

If you would like to track Google search rankings only for a specific location then complete this section of the Advanced Search Engine settings.
This feature is available for Google desktop, Google for Jobs, Google Local Finder, Google Mobile, and Google Maps search engines.

Search Engine Settings Custom Location

Enter the location in one of the following formats for Google Desktop, Google Maps, or Google Mobile in the United States:
  • City, State (e.g., Miami, FL or Manhattan, NY)
  • State (e.g., Florida or New York)
  • Postal Code (e.g., 90210)
For other country-based search engines (e.g., enter only the City or postal code. For example, if you have selected:
  • and you want to track for all of Melbourne, then enter Melbourne. If tracking only for a specific postal code in Melbourne, then enter that (e.g., 3207)
  •, and you want to track for all of London, then enter London. If tracking only for a specific postal code in the London area, then enter that (e.g., WC1N)

For optimal results, we recommend selecting a location from Google's list of supported geotarget locations.

Local Results (Local Pack / Places) Settings

Include or exclude Google Local Results, the default is set to Exclude local results in the rank count.
This feature is available for Google desktop search engines.

Search Engine Settings Local Results

Checking the Include if Ranked option causes RangerBot to include local pack results only if the primary tracked domain ranks in the local pack, otherwise the local pack is ignored in organic rank count.  This means that if there is a local pack holding positions 1, 2 and 3 and the domain you're tracking is in local pack position 3, then your rank tracking reports will show the keyword in position 3.  However, if the domain you're tracking is in organic position 5 and not in the local pack at all, then the reports will show the keyword ranked for position 5 (instead of 8, which would be the default in the case when Local Results is set to Include).

Website URL in Local Pack results

When Google provides a website URL in their Website icon in local pack results, RangerBot is able to match the URL against domains in the campaign settings.

Local Pack results with website URL

To include Local Results along with Organic results in rank count, select Include in the Advanced Settings Local Results section of the Search Engines screen. When set to include, if a search for keywords tracked in the campaign results in a Google Local Pack match for the campaign URL a Map icon local search results will be displayed in the Dashboard report for that keyword.

Learn more about Local Pack Results

Google Answers: how to improve your local ranking in Search and Maps 

Google Business Name Tracking

When Google does not include a website URL in Local Pack results, then there is nothing in the Local Pack for RangerBot to match to your campaign URLs.
This feature is available for Google desktop search engines.

Example of Local Pack results missing website URLs
Local Pack Results missing website URL

When a user clicks a Local Pack link, the Google Local Business Combo screen displays and that is no longer part of the original keyword search. 

Example of Local Business Results

tracking Local Business listings

By adding the Business Name to the Advanced Search Settings Local Results section, RangerBot is able provide the position of the listing in the Local Pack.

Search Engine Settings Local Results

Enter the Business Name, the Title that displays in the Google listing for the business location.  

Google Business Page Title Contains

If the Google business listing has been optimized for a URL that is different than the campaign primary URL, you may enter that URL in the Business Page URL field (optional) and we will use it as the landing page in your reports for Local Pack results that do not include a URL.

In cases where one campaign has been created for a site that has multiple locations and separate Google Business pages for each location with slightly varying titles you can enter the brand name in parentheses and RangerBot will match any Google Business Page Title that contains the brand name in it.  For example, by entering (Capital Grille), Ranger bot will return Local Results for "The Capital Grille", "Capital Grille Wall Street", "The Capital Grille of New Orleans", etc.

Google My Business Pages for Multiple Locations

track multiple Google Business pages

Track Multiple Google My Business Pages in One Campaign

If the Google Business Page Titles don't contain a common brand name or phrase, you can enter multiple business names in parentheses with a pipe between them. For example, the Hilton Hotel in San Diego has a sports grill, lounge, and restaurant, so to track the Google Business page for each of the related properties in their campaign, you could enter this in the Business Name field:

(Hilton San Diego Bayfront)|(Fox Sports Grill)|(Odysea Lounge)|(Vela)

track Google My Business pages

News Results Settings

Include or Exclude News Results, the default is set to exclude News results in the rank count.
This feature is available for Google desktop search engines.

Example of News results in Google Search

Google News Results in SERPs

To include News results along with Organic results in rank count, select Include.  When a search for keywords tracked in the campaign results in a News item in Google Search, a News icon SERP News icon will be displayed in the Dashboard report for that keyword.

Include News results

Mobile Top Stories Settings

In addition to custom location settings, Google mobile search options include a choice of tracking mobile organic results or top stories carousel rank.
This feature is available for Google mobile search engines.

Example of Top Stories results in Google Mobile Search

Google Top Stories in Mobile SERPs

To track Top Stories on Google Mobile, in the Advanced Search Engine settings Mobile Result Type section, select the Top Stories option and click the Save button.   When a search for keywords tracked in the campaign results in a Top Stories item in Google Mobile Search, a News icon SERP News icon will be displayed in the Dashboard report for that keyword.

Mobile result type

Optional Advanced Settings

These features are available for Google desktop search engines.

These Optional Advanced Settings are automatically set to display the optimum results for the selected Google Desktop search engine. Only change these settings if you specifically want to see results that vary from the default. For example, when is selected the default language is English. If you want to track a different language, such as French, in then you should change the Search Results Language setting.

Search Results Language ( lr parameter)
To check search rankings only for a specific language, select it from the menu.
Important! Do not select a language unless it is non-native to the search engine you have selected (e.g., if you selected and you want French search results, then leave this set for All Languages because French is the default for

Search Engine Settings Search Results Language

Search Results (Country)
 ( cr parameter)
To check search rankings only for pages hosted in a specific country, select the country from the menu.
Important! If you have already selected a country-specific search engine like, and you want search results for the UK, then do not change this setting because UK is already the default for that search engine.

Search Engine Settings Search Results Country

Search Location (Country) (gl parameter)
To check rankings as though you were searching Google from inside a specific country, select the country from the menu.
Important! Only select a Country if it is different than the search engine country (e.g., search engine is USA and you want results based on someone searching from Canada).

Search Engine Settings Search Location Country

Interface Language (hl parameter)
If the campaign contains multiple language keywords tracking on a country-based search engine, and you think that your client / target audience has their browser interface language set to a language that differs from some of the keywords, then you may select an interface language. For example, if most of the campaign's keywords are French, and some are English, and the campaign is tracking on Google France (, then you may choose to set the browser interface language to French.

search engine interface language

SafeSearch Filter
Select a SafeSearch filter based on the level of adult content you want to display in search results
  • Off = adult content allowed
  • Moderate = explicit content blocked
  • Strict = adult content blocked

Search Engine Settings SafeSearch

Click the Save button.

Delete Search Engine


If you choose to delete a search engine, the deletion is permanent. Please understand that if you (or any authorized account user) click the Delete button, then a warning message displays on the screen and that requires a second click to accept deletion, once that Delete button is clicked it is not possible for us to recover the data. We recommend that Campaign Rank Backup be run and file downloaded prior to any deletion within a campaign's settings.

Delete Search Engine

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