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Brand Cannibalization API

The Brand Cannibalization API method returns the brand domains with rank position, URL, a number of results above the primary domain, and the search volume of the keywords that are being cannibalized by the family domains. If no brand family domain cannibalization takes place then no results will be returned

Refer to the Rank Ranger API Overview page for information on how to obtain API access, obtain an API Key, and a full list of API methods and error codes.




key string The unique API key assigned to your account
campaign_id string Campaign ID number
se_id string Search Engine ID number (optional: if not included, then data for all search engines tracked in the campaign will be provided)
Run the Search Engine List API for a full list of ID numbers.
domains string A list of brand family domains separated by a comma with no space in between.
output string Output format options:
  • &output=xml  (this is the default format)
  • &output=json
    Either of these parameters can be added to the json output parameter:
    • &output=json&json_strict=true 
      (forces the results to come back as an array instead of objects) 
    • &output=json&json_arr=true 
      (causes the entire json to be wrapped as array)



Construct & test API requests in the API Console or follow this example: ID&,,

The default output is in XML format, if you would like the output to be JSON you will need to add "&output=json” at the end of the string




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