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Brand Cannibalization

Brand Cannibalization is a tool that helps to research when the same branded sites rank above the primary tracked domain (local market domain). When the primary domain is preceded by the same brand Non-Local domains such as a site with a different country location or language, creates a negative implication such as traffic cannibalization and loss of clicks for the primary domain. 

This tool was created to help the international brands in the use of hreflang tags in order for Google to know which site to show when the user is searching from a specific location.

Keyword Clusters report

Brand Cannibalization Search Result

Google Search Results Example

The following is an example of the search result for "Adidas" from Costa Rico where Google returns the first result as (see in the red square). While the only comes later on in the page (see the red arrow pointing to the result)

new Campaign General Settings

How to use the report

Add Domains to the List

If no domain was added to this report then a combo textbox with the option to add a domain list will be displayed in the report.
Add a domain per line, not including the primary tracked domain. In the example below the primary domain is, so the other same brand domain list would include domains for example,,, and so on:

Group clusters
Edit Domains in the List

If a domain list was already added to the report and there is a need to add more or to adjust the listing domain list go to Report Options > Display and make appropriate changes and click Apply Changes button.

Group clusters
Viewing Report

Once the proper list domains are added to the Domain List and the Brand Cannibalization data exists for those domains compared to the primary tracked domain then the report will show data for sites that had a rank position higher than the primary domain. Otherwise, the report will display no data.

The first domain listed in the top chart is the primary domain with the visibility share percentage compared to the other listed Non-Local Sites that rank higher than the primary domain.
Only the cannibalizing domains will display, those that are not cannibalizing and are in the list of domains will be ignored.

Group clusters

Report Options

select a date Custom report Title
Enter a title (optional)
Domain List
Enter Non-Local domain into the list. One per line.
display options
  • Rank: Specify the Max Rank
  • Search Volume

select a keyword


  • Click the arrow and select Keywords from the list
select a keyword

Keyword Tags

  • Click the arrow and select Keyword Tags from the list
select a search engine

Search Engines

  • Select one Search Engine
  • Click the Apply Changes button

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