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Backlinks Overview

The Backlink Explorer is a tool to search for a list of backlinks or referred links for the target URL, which could be a domain, subdomains, or a specific page URL.

The Backlinks Site Explorer provides:         
  • Backlink Metrics Overview
  • Backlinks (New/Lost)
  • Referring Domain (New/Lost)
You can use this report to research, analyze, create marketing strategies, and share with clients in white label dashboards and PDF reports (refer to specific instructions in the sections below).

This report is in the BETA stage. We make beta reports and tools available for the purpose of receiving customer feedback regarding features and functionality prior to finalizing them. BETA reports and graphs cannot be added to PDF reports, Marketing Dashboards, or Client Dashboards. Any feedback that you provide to customer service will be shared with our development team, and the final product will be updated and thoroughly tested prior to the official launch. Thank you.
Backlinks Site Explorer
Located in Site Explorer > Backlinks Explorer

Enter a URL

  1. Enter the domain or page,
  2. Select from the list: Domain, Subdomains, or Exact URL
  3. Click the Search 🔎 icon button

Backlinks Site Explorer enter URL

Backlink Metrics Overview

Backlink Totals and Types

The Backlink Metrics report section includes the number of:
  • Total Backlinks (A reference to the target URL in the form of a link or redirect that comes from a different domain)
  • Referring Domains (The domains which send users to the selected website via links or redirects)
  • Domain Score (Domain Authority indicator, which is using a 0-100 logarithmic scale)
  • Page Score (Page Authority indicator that determines the number and weight of incoming links to a page, which is using 0-100 logarithmic scale. The higher the number the higher the page's authority.)
  • Follow vs. No-Follow (The backlinks marked or not marked with the attribute rel="nofollow" in the <a> tag)
  • Edu/Gov (The backlinks coming from .edu or .gov domains)

Rank Ranger Backlinks Site Explorer
The graphs for New and Lost links of both Backlinks and Referring Domains. The blue upward-directed column indicates New links, while the red downward-directed column indicates Lost links. The number and the date of New/Lost links are displayed when hovering over each column. 
For detailed report information on backlinks read the Backlinks Report documentation listed below.

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