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API Console: API Testing Tool

To make the construction of API requests easy, we offer this API Testing Tool which can be accessed in the Campaigns > API Resources > API Console section. 

Refer to Rank Ranger API for an up-to-date list of API methods.

API Console - API Testing Tool

Construct an API Request

Select API Method

Select an API Method from the menu:

Select Campaign ID

Customize API Request:

The fields that display are dependent on the Method you have chosen. In this example, we're working with Rank Stats.

  • Select the Date you want data for
  • Enter the Domain URL (this can be the campaign primary domain or other URLs being tracked in the campaign)
  • Select Campaign ID or Reference ID in the Campaign ID Option field
  • Select the Campaign ID Option Value from the menu, or enter your internal Reference ID
  • If using Keyword IDs, you may check the box to include Keyword ID in the output
  • Select the desired Output type: XML or JSON
Generate API Request

Generate API Request:

  • After completing all parameters, click the Generate button
  • Click the Launch URL icon to run the API request or copy the link for use in your application


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