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AdWords Daily Performance

The Google AdWords Daily Performance report provides data on the daily performance of a user's AdWords campaign(s) that are connected to the Google Analytics profile associated with the Rank Ranger campaign primary domain.

Report data can be sorted by all table fields (Date, Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Avg. CPC, Cost), and filtered by Segments, Currencies, and Ad Campaigns and Keywords.

Important! To view this  report, Google Analytics must be configured correctly (please refer to our Google Analytics documentation) for the primary domain. In addition, AdWords must be linked to your Google Analytics profile (refer to Link Google Analytics and AdWords). 
AdWords Daily Performance


Google AdWords Daily Performance Report

The Daily Performance report provides a daily breakdown of Google AdWords campaign performance.

AdWords Daily Performance

Report Options



  • Click the Calendar icon to select the Report Date range or select a Custom Date Range in the top right toolbar.
General Settings

General Settings

  • Enter a report title, if desired
Google Analytics Ecommerce Currency


  • You may select from this list of world currencies to display in the Average CPC and Cost columns of this report. 
Google Analytics Segments Filter

Select a Segment

Filter by segments created in your Google Analytics account, for example:
  • All Sessions
  • Android Traffic
  • Bounced Sessions
  • Direct Traffic
  • iOS Traffic
  • Made a Purchase
  • Mobile Traffic
  • Multi-Session Users
  • New Users
  • Non-bounce Sessions
  • Non-Converters
  • Organic Traffic
  • Paid Traffic
  • Referral Traffic
  • Search Traffic
  • Sessions with Conversions
Adwords Filter by Campaign

Filter by AdWords Campaign(s)

  • Select which AdWords campaign(s) to show using the tick boxes
Google Analytics Keyword Filter

Filter by Keyword

  • Enter a Keyword if you want to filter the report by a keyword. Enter a plus (+) before positive keywords and minus (-) before negative keywords with a space between each keyword/phrase in the Filter by Keyword field. More information..

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