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Theme & Localization

The Theme & Localization screen provides options for configuration of personalized global account default settings including user interface color theme, language, date format.

Theme and Localization

Video: How to change Colors, Language, Date, Font & Table Formats 


Global Default Settings


Access Theme & Localization Settings

Click the person icon in the upper right and select Theme & Localization
access theme and localization settings

Choose Theme & Localization Settings
theme color options

  • Select a Color Scheme for your Rank Ranger user interface.

  • Choose whether to have Sidebar Reports expanded or closed when opening the Reports sections of Rank Ranger.

  • Select the Font Size (Small, Medium, Large with Default table format, or Medium / Borderless) you would like to see in your tables in reports.

  • Select the number of table rows you want displayed in reports that you view in the user interface.

  • No Rank Value: select the term ("-", "N/A", "NR", "100+" or "500+") that you want displayed in some rank reports for campaign keywords that are not ranking in the top 100 organic results or Top 50 of Google Maps. This setting applies only to the following reports:
    • Rank Tracker Dashboard
    • Competitor Rank Comparison
    • Weekly Snapshot
    • Daily Breakdown

    Other reports by design (due to the number of columns and layout) display a dash "-" when no rank value is found. For uniformity across all reports, you may choose to set the dash as your account default.

  • Select a Default Language from the list of options in the menu. This is a global setting for your entire SEO platform experience, and can be manually changed in individual onscreen or White Label PDF reports, as well as Client Dashboards and Web Marketing Dashboards.
    You can also Request a Language or provide Translation Suggestions

  • Select a Date Format

  • Click the Save button

theme and localization options

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